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Signs You Need Brake Service

admin / February 27, 2019

You should never ignore trouble with your vehicle, however, some issues aren’t as important as others and don’t need immediate service. Most of the components on the car aren’t as important as the brakes. When the signs say that something is wrong with the brakes on the vehicle, it is imperative that you take immediate action to prevent an accident or other danger. Without brakes, stopping the vehicle does not happen easily. If you’re not sure what signs indicate the need for brake service, read below to find out.

·    Squealing/Squeaking Noises: The brakes wouldn’t make any type of sounds when pressed or when driving, and if you notice that they’re making squeaking or squealing sounds, it is a sign of trouble that you shouldn’t ignore.

·    Difficulty Stopping: When the brakes are mashed, you should stop instantly. If it takes a couple of seconds to stop the car, this is a sign that your brakes may need to be replaced.

·    Less Effective Brake Pedal: Does the brake pedal require you to push it down further to stop? You shouldn’t forcefully apply pressure to the brakes to come to a stop. If this is necessary, make sure you call a professional to schedule service.

·    Pulling: Do you notice the vehicle pulling to one side of the road or the other?  This is also a sign that your brakes need service that shouldn’t be ignored. It increases the risk of an accident and causes difficulty driving.

mercedes benz service birmingham al

When it is time to service the brakes, make sure to choose a qualified service center. Only choose a mercedes benz service birmingham al center to ensure things are handled correctly with your luxury ride. Not all car mechanics have the expertise to repair the brakes on this manufacturer’s cars!