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Why Rebuild Your Transmission Instead of Replace?

admin / March 3, 2019

The transmission is a vital component in your truck. Without a transmission, shifting gears isn’t easy and may not happen at all. But, like anything else underneath the hood, the transmission is susceptible to many problems that will cause it to malfunction or war out before its time. If your transmission breaks down, rebuild it; don’t replace. You can visit a professional for truck repair lynnwood to learn more about the benefits, though we’ll list some of them below.

truck repair lynnwood

The cost of rebuilding a transmission is probably the biggest reason to rebuild rather than replace the transmission. Just one look at the transmission in the truck and you know that there is a big job ahead when trouble strikes. If you rebuild the transmission, it is repaired much faster so you’re without your truck for a less period of time. Plus, you save a ton of cash. It is a win-win situation!

Aside from the money that rebuilding a transmission will help you save, there is also a considerable amount of time saved when you choose to rebuild. Time is money and you save both when you rebuild.  There is a warranty included when the transmission is rebuilt, so you sustain peace of mind even though it’s not a new product. You will not spend a considerable amount of money on the cost of a rebuilt transmission.

There are many advantages of rebuilding a transmission for the truck when it is damaged. The benefits we’ve listed above are among the many. Talk to a professional and decide if a new transmission is better than rebuilding. You will likely find that it is not and that you should do what most truck drivers do and pick a rebuilt transmission in the time of need.